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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I haven’t received a registration email. What should I do?

A. If you have not received a registration email please check your spam folder to see if an email from mydentalchart@llu.edu. was accidentally filtered. You may also call our clinic coordinator at 909-651-5896 for assistance.


Q. The registration link has expired. How do I request a new one?

A. Call 909-651-5896 or email mydentalchart@llu.edu to request a new link. Once you have received the new link it will be available for 24 hours.


Q. How do I change my personal information?

A. Mark the information as 'incorrect' and a school representative will contact you.


Q. How do I confirm an appointment? 

A. Go into appointment details page by clicking the appointment, and press 'Confirm' button. If the appointment is already confirmed, you will see blue header.


Q. How do I change my password?

A. Go into Personal Information - Change Username and Password.


Q. What is the Messaging the Clinic Coordinator feature used for?

A. Messaging the patient coordinator is a good option for non-urgent questions regarding appointments or prescriptions. The patient coordinator is also able to relay questions to your dental health provider. You can expect a response from the clinic coordinator or your provider within two business days.


Q. Where do I go if I have an emergency?

A. Any individual with a dental emergency may call 909-558-4666 and make arrangements to be seen at the School of Dentistry’s Urgent Care Clinic.

For patients already seen by a student provider: If you already have a student provider and have a dental emergency, call the School of Dentistry operator at
909-558-4222 to reach the appropriate Patient Care Coordinator. If your assigned student provider is not available, you will be seen at the Urgent Care Clinic in Prince Hall.

For patients already seen at Koppel Special Care Dentistry Center: Call 
909-558-4663 for after-hours emergency dental services and ask for the dental anesthesiologist on call.

For patients already seen by one of our faculty dentists at the Faculty Dental Practices: Call the Faculty Dental Practices at 909-558-4960 to make arrangements to be seen. You may also go to the Urgent Care Clinic located in Prince Hall.

For after-hours emergency dental services: Call the Loma Linda University Medical Center operator at 909-558-4000.


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